slurry applicators

Tractors from 125 hp upwards

Abbey slurry applicators mount easily to the back of any slurry tanker, and is the cheapest and most efficient way to apply slurry where council regulations apply, or where smell is an issue and a traditional splash plate can't be used.


  1. Universal applicator with three functions
  2. Dribble bar, trailing boot or trailing shoe
  3. Individual floating sections
  4. Can be used for umbilical system
  5. Light weight construction
  6. Reduce nitrogen loss
  7. No smell
  8. Get cows back on paddocks faster than with splash plate methods
  9. Faster regrowth
  10. Gets slurry to the base of the plant
  11. Spread in any weather condition
  12. Fully galvanized
  13. Sprung legs
  14. Macerator chopper / distributor



Models Working width (m) Fact Sheet
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Umbilical arm Mast mounted
A-frame to retro fit 600 m real Electro hydraulic controls
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