recessed axle slurry tankers

Tractors from 100 hp upwards

The Recess range has an extremely low centre of gravity because of the folded chassis construction that integrates the axle into the chassis. The large floatation tyres will out pull any tandem axle, especially in wet conditions. All Abbey Recess tankers are able to fit any of the slurry spreading attachments available.


  • Full length chassis with 4 point welding
  • Recessed axle (recessed into chassis) 150 x 150 ADR commercial
  • Parabolic leaf spring drawbar (weight sensing)
  • 10 mm box section drawbar
  • Replaceable, greasable wear bushes on drawbar pivots
  • 6 mm EN 42 high carbon steel
  • Inverted splash plate for low and even spread
  • Double trap system to prevent overfilling
  • Pressed dome ends for extra strength
  • Internally welded tank
  • Internal baffles
  • Large recessed flotation tyres (28.1 R 26/30.5 R 32)
  • Front sight tube and rear sight glass
  • Hydraulic brakes




Models Capacity (litres) min. tractor required (hp) Fact Sheet
2250 R 10,215 100 Download
2500 R 11,350 125 Download
2750 R 12,500 140 Download
3000 R 13,500 150 Download


Galvanizing 6 or 8' autofill
6 or 8" turbofill 13,500 L/min pump
 Hydraulic drive pump Manual or hydraulic to fill hatch 
 Extra length of hosing  
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