multi spreaders

Tractors from 100 hp upwards

The Abbey AP Multi spreader has no rivals for either strength or design. The large diameter heavy duty auger is specially designed to create an even flow of material without clogging. With a completely water tight tub this spreader can handle all types of muck.


  1. Reversible rotor with shearbolt protection
  2. Watertight access hatch / stone trap
  3. Hydraulic brakes
  4. Large flotation tyres
  5. Overshot expeller provides greater fragmentation of material, giving an even spread over a large area while preventing lumping
  6. The hydraulically controlled high rate of discharge from the mid mounted door ensures high velocity spread patterns up to 20 m from the wheel track
  7. The vertical opening door has high clearance allowing foreign objects to be released easily and allows full working width, shearing of material by the serrated tipped rotor as it discharges
  8. Adjustable deflector allows consistency of spread pattern to be maintained with changing materials
  9. Hardened reversible tips for long life use
  10. Guillotine door
  11. No jamming of stones or material under rotor as all material is discharged over the top



Models Capacity (m3) max load (tonne) Fact Sheet
AP 900 7.25 9 Download
AP 1100 9 11 Download


 Side discharge deflector for slurry
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