combovator bed forming system

Tractors from 250 - 450 hp

Introducing the revolutionary system that combines soil cultivation & raised bed formation in one pass. Bolt on a bed former or roller to power harrow or rotary tiller and you have the ‘one-pass’ Combovator system. The multi-purpose tool that saves time, money and hassles.


  1. One pass cultivator and bed former
  2. Mounted to tailgate system
  3. Three function hydraulic control with Z link system
  4. Bed former lifts up to use standard machine function
  5. Customised to fit any bed
  6. Mounted on power harrow or rotary hoe



Power Harrow Models

Models Working widths (cm) hp rating (max) Fact Sheet
Energy-P 500, 550, 600 300 Download
Maxi-P 500, 550, 600, 700, 800 450 Download


Rotary Hoe Models

Fact Sheet Working widths (cm) hp rating (max)  
Tiger 280 450, 500, 550 280 Download
Super Tiger 360 500, 550, 600 360 Download
Super Tiger 450 600, 700 450 Download


Spike rotor Anti-pan rotor
Packer roller (as well as bed former) Cage roller (as well as bed former)
Front sod breaking discs Track eridicators
Oil coolers  
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